So a couple of months ago, I decided to quit being a lurky motherfucker and actually join a hypnoserver.  I was nervous at first, but it turns out those feelings were quite unnecessary; I was welcomed in with open arms.  The community has been wonderful, both in the enthusiasm in which they embrace newcomers and in camaraderie of our shared kink.  I felt immediately excepted and inspired when I discovered the hundreds of people that get just as flushed as I do when it comes to erotic hypnosis.

Up until that point, erotic hypnosis was an idle sort of dream, a hawt but intangible fantasy to occasionally indulge in through audio and smut.  Once I had made my discord account, I realized that this kink of mine was a lot more accessible that I had thought.   My husband, ever thinking of my well-being and safety, thought it would be wise to hold off from trancing and just observe and make some friends until we understood real hypnosis better.

And so began my voyeurism streak. The first few weeks, I joined voice and video chats and just witnessed my dirty thoughts becoming a reality for others.  Watching subjects fall to the commands of hypnotists had me spellbound, literally squirming in my seat.  I could feel the tug of those triggers at the back of my mind, like they were speaking directly to the part of me that wanted so desperately to drop as well.  My enormous capacity for empathy was in constant battle with my desire to be practical and true to my word to my husband.  Regardless, each snap, each trigger, each time I saw heads slump and sentences stop dead in their tracks, I could feel myself being drawn in more, needing to see every minute detail of their faces before they fell. But it wasn’t only the subjects expressions I was savoring.  Seeing the satisfied little smile light each ‘tists face when subs began dropping like flies had me entranced.  I could see the pride, the amusement but most importantly, the smolder of desire in their eyes. The voyeurist in me purred, loving every one of these expressions, unable to look away.

My own hungry eyes didn’t go unnoticed;  Soon, teasing was aimed in my direction, once my desperate craving for trance became evident.  Of course, my wish to remain level headed until I got the go ahead from my husband was respected, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t be taunted.  The only kink I have that erotic hypnosis falls second to is tease and denial; Despite the envy raging through me, there were molten temperatures between my legs.  The anticipation was torturously delicious; I savored every second of it.

Then finally, that wonderful day I got the green light from my husband arrived.  I had been telling him about the people I’d met, the friends I had made and we decided that as long as I was sure I trusted the person, I was free to indulge in trance with ‘tists of my choosing.  And indulge I did; That very same day, Laurent, who gave me the invite to join Spiraling Down in the first place, guided me into my first live trance within the community.  I’ll admit, having previously fangirled on him when I discovered his hypnotic audio files on tumblr, he star-struck my lights out; I fell like a tons of bricks.  When he used the trigger I’d heard so many times as I lay flushed in bed with my headphones on, those three commanding words joined with his signature jarring snap that splits the air and ensnares your attention, I felt this glorious sense of relief.  I didn’t have to fight it, there was no more resisting, nothing holding me back;  The realization of that truth made the floor of my reality vanish and I plummeted into the abyss below, his voice showing me just how much deeper there was to fall.

Now, I’ve learned that every subject, ‘tist and trance is unique, so if you’re new to hypnosis, please don’t take my following description to be what trance “should feel like”.  From what I’ve experienced and from the information I’ve gathered, there is no one way that trance “should feel like”.  Keep in mind that, while this is how it feels to me, it may feel completely differently for you.

For me, it all revolves around that snap.  When I hear it, sharp or soft, it’s like jumping into a lake with a weight tied to my ankle.  The initial leap feels voluntary, but then the gravity of the weight pulls me down so much quicker and deeper then I could have imagined.  That rapid drop’s effect on my body mirrors that feeling you get when you’re just about to drift off to sleep and your body has a physical response to that alarming plummeting feeling.  I get a heavy tremor through my entire body, except instead of jolting me awake like it usually does when I’m actually trying to go to sleep, it drags me down so fantastically deep.  After I’ve fallen and settled into trance, I feel this continuous sensation of spreading out and falling in, expanding and sinking like heat in a convection oven.  When the trance is over and I’m brought back up, it’s a little disorienting, like becoming suddenly aware that I was caught in a daydream when I was supposed to be giving someone my full attention.  I usually come up feeling flushed and a little embarrassed, with an undercurrent of lust simmering below the surface.  It’s such a lovely feeling that feeds into my desires of submission; That release of control and responsibility is honestly intoxicating.

Since that first glorious trance, I’ve worked with a small handful of other hypnotists, some privately and some publicly.    I’ve even gotten my husband to dabble a bit!  Each person brings their own style and knowledge to the table, I’ve enjoyed myself immensely experiencing each of their techniques.

Eric for example, is very focused on suggestibility with me, to which I feel quite susceptible to.  One thing I really enjoy about his style is the way there is no definitive start or end to a session with him.  He has the control and he uses it as he sees fit.  Once I call him asking for a session, I usually can’t tell when the hypnosis has begun until I’m already being pulled down; Until then, it just seems like we’re talking.  He has this fantastic ability to weave hypnosis in with conversation.  The first time I tranced with him, I had asked for a confusion induction because I find PMR (Progressive Muscle Relaxation) inductions boring. He rose to the occasion magnificently, spinning a trance out of nothing, right there.  It seemed so natural, the way he entwined our conversation with his confusing suggestions.  He would talk about arousal, the ways it can manifest in the body and I found myself instantly picturing it in my head, trying to “see” what he was talking about.  And of course, once it was in my mind it leaked down into my body;  I began to squirm lightly, fidgeting and biting my lip, aroused beyond a shadow of a doubt.  He’s said I’m very suggestible and I attribute that to my creative mind and empathetic nature.

AeilonFlower likes to indulge in my imagination and use it to his benefit.  In the small amount of times I’ve worked with him, he’s really focused on my visual strengths.  I have a vast art and writing background, so my imagination is very powerful.  My brain is always ready and eager to create something, it takes very little provocation for me to slip into a detailed daydream.  Even when I’m just chatting with someone, the back of my mind is always creating a visual representation of what the conversation is about, usually in a goofy animated form.  Sometimes it feels like I have no choice in the matter, especially when it’s applied to erotic hypnosis.  All Aeilon needs to do is expound on something as simple as “follow the yellow brick road” and I can see it, each brick materializing in the darkness of my mind, coming to life like lights on a switch board, leading me off in some unknown direction.  Aeilon is also like my hypnosis tour guide, always ready to explain a hypno-concept or describe the hypnosis basics; The answers to my inquiries usually turn out to be cleverly spun induction.  Its very satisfying, dropping down with my head full of new knowledge before he empties it.

And of course, there’s Laurent, who’s just a fuckin’ tease all the time.  I’ve worked with him privately and publicly; Sometimes he even favors having accomplices, which is a very overwhelming experience, let me tell you.  Lately he’s taken to calling me a toy, especially in public; it makes me feel utterly overwhelmed and ferociously flushed.  I really think he loves to embarrass me and he uses the things that turn me on to do it.  My knee-jerk reaction is to blush and deny, but deep down we both know how much I love it.  It’s the same with his hypnosis; he uses the things that turn me on to illicit the response he wants from me. I feel like my various kinks are catered to and genuinely taken interest in when I trance with Laurent. He’s also very kindly done some less kinky exercises, solely for the purpose of improving my ability to be a good subject, for which I am very grateful.

Now that I have a lot more experience being a subject, I look back fondly on my introduction to erotic hypnosis with no regrets.  If I had just hopped right in and dropped, I would have never seen those delicious looks on everyones faces as they participated in this kink.  It’s something I still think about, when my mind idly drifts while I’m at work or doing chores.  I’m still so excited to see where erotic hypnosis can take me, what sort of silly or steamy shenanigans I can get into.  I really can’t express how happy I am that I joined the server, or how appreciative of the people who I’ve worked with so far.  Thank you all, for being so incredibly awesome!

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