A comprehensive guide to the ever changing landscape of the erotic hypnosis community on Discord.


#1 : The Very Suggestible Role Player.

*gets hypnotized over text in a public channel*

Yes Master, I am now standing naked in a superstore doing everything you tell me to do. What? Am I roleplaying? Of course not!

I can also have full conversation with you in trance, and have lightning fast typing responses whilst all the while being deeply, deeply under your hypnotic spell. Any and all suggestions work on me, first time. There’s nothing I can’t do.

What can I say? I’m just a really good sub.


#2 : The Stealth Predator.

Even though this voice channel is called “Covert Hypnosis”, I am going to take control of you without you ever noticing because that is how sneaky I am. Did I mention I am a master of NLP? I will be so stealthy, you might not even notice you are under #sodeep.


#3 : The Sore Loser.

My hypnosis / seduction game is not so good, so I accuse other people of stealing my subs with the help of their sneaky hypnotic suggestions when really… they just found someone more interesting than me 😢


#4 : The Platonic.

They join a kinky erotic hypnosis server to talk about their passion for tea, corduroy and orchestral jazz. Always ready with a hug or a hand to hold, they are the Hufflepuffs of the hypno world. They don’t feel comfortable with kinky play, and just like a vegan, will use every opportunity to let you know about it. Occasionally requests that we tone it down.

Ain’t gonna happen.


#5 : Broken Mics: The Other Plague of 2020.

While I am very serious about being in a hypnotic relationship with you, my cam and microphone don’t seem to be workingright now. Can we do this over text?


#6 : The Hypno Police.

Did you really just dare to snap your fingers in public ? You should ask for consent first as this is very dangerous stuff. People might drop you know. Erotic Hypnosis isn’t a game. Haven’t you ever heard of HypnoDeath ?


#7 : The Hypno Dib.

This is our first session and I’ve known you for two hours. But you are my slave forever now and we are exclusive. Thank you. What’s your name btw ?


#8 : Just a Hypnotist into Badgers.

– I’m going to hypnotize you and turn you into a badger. What? You don’t like badgers? Think about their fluffy tail and cute little eyes… Feel yourself growing black and white fur all over your body. Yes.. just like that…

[user has disconnected from discord]

– Fuck! Why does this keep happening to me?

– People have really crappy internet for 2020 😕


#9 : No Context, No Chill.

*random conversation happening in #main*
NoContext – *vomits confetti to herald the dawn of the apocalypse*

Chat – ?

NoContext – yeahhhh.

Chat – *Keeps going with the original convo*


#10 : The “Experienced” Hypnotist.

10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 DROP.

You are deeply hypnotized now. I want you to cum for me. Very good.

Session’s over, thank you for participating.

Next !

*Later brags that they did 16 trances in a single day.*


#11 : The Wishful Thinker.

– My wife has been hypnotized by a predator into sucking all dick she comes across, and it’s an uncomfortable situation. I need an experienced tist to undo the trigger.

*puts wig on and waits for dms*

– Oh and my mic is broken.


#12 : The Overly Eager Sub.

*First DM*

Sub – Hey, wanna hypnotize me?
Tist – *no answer*

Sub – Hey, you here?

Tist – *no answer*

2 days later :

Sub – Got time to talk?

3 days later :

Sub – Hey, I’m so horny right now omg.

Daily, until the end of time:

Sub – Hey

Sub – Hey

Sub – Hi

Sub – Hey

Sub – Merry Christmas! 🎄

Sub – Hey

Sub – Happy valentines ❤️ hru?


#13 : The Bookworm Noob Tist.

By tapping into the phenomenonous part of the brain, you will be able to mesmerize the conscious mind in ways that open your subject to deep conditioning and brainwashing, and it is THE preferred way of deeply ingraining thoughts and behaviours into a submissive being. This is all part of the “more real conditioning focus” approach that professor Miller favoured in his research.

Did I mention that I understand hypnosis so much better than any of you? Check out this graph I made, it took me years :

(real graph posted by someone on a discord community, who had never tranced ANYONE before….)


#14 : The True Master of Erotic Hypnosis.

hypnoMASTER443 in #main – ok are you guys ready for some REAL HYPNOSIS? I have read 3 hypno books and fapped to all of Lex’s videos, and as soon as I get a subject and do my first trance I know I’ll be the best there is. Just need to wait till my mom is out and gonna WRECK SOME SLUTS.


#15 : The Dicknotist.

Horny4U –

Horny4U – u like that

H4U – *sends nimja spiral*

H4U – shhh just say yes.

*nothing happens*

H4U – *sends another dickpic*

Sub – …and you’re reported to the admin team.


#16 : Your Attention Please !

Oh hey bitches it’s your girl CRYSTAL here’s 27 heavily filtered pictures of me which I need you to validate. I plan on hanging around in a permanent state of melodrama, flopping between slutty kitten rolling on the floor of #main begging for headpats, and a ball of teenage angst wrapped in self loathing. There will be no inbetween. Eyes on me at all times.


#17 : The Bored Teen with no Life Experience or Social Skills.

*joins voicechat and puts cam on* Omg I ate an apple just now teehee. Oh nuuu my cat just came to cuddle me. Did I tell you about this friend I have in school and who’s not in the server? Like the other day we were talking about  <insert.anime.title.here> and it was so much fun. Yeah I’m doing my makeup right now and waiting for my mum to come back from the store. Mhm. I ask no questions because it’s all about me.


#18 : The Dominant Gamer.

Wanna join my hypnosis Minecraft server? The other day I forced my sub to give me all their diamonds, man it was so devious. We spend 10 hours a day hanging on a voicechat that is open, you should join, you can listen in to what we are doing on Minecraft right now, it’s quality content. One time, a girl joined. That was a good day.


#19 : The Ego has landed.

Though I have been on the scene for less than a year I’ll be giving a class in NEEHU soon. I’m an expert on everything. When I’m not being an expert, I will lurk silently, waiting for another opportunity to be condescending. I will helpfully give feedback and advice you didn’t ask for. I will offer to tutor more experienced hypnotists than myself, just to piss them off.

If anybody drops, anywhere, it was probably my fault. All good ideas were originally mine. The bad ones were yours. You’re fake news.


#20 : It’s Cool to be Awkward.

hi um sooo I’m really shy and awkward. um… im sorry for being here and like… im too shy to join voicechat… unless someone wants to spend their evening encouraging me? (I’ve already decided I’ll join but gosh it’s nice to feel wanted) and then i will remain in voicechat forever ruining your chats with my terminal awkwardness.

Oh by the way i don’t do any hypnosis, all i do is narrate my crippling social anxiety in real-time. It’s basically my only personality trait. Thanks in advance

*flops on floor of #main like a sack of shit and waits for snuggles*


#21 : The Master Baiter.

*fishing pole in hand*  – I’m soooooo submissive today… And I’m tired and sleepy uwu… Omg your voice is like wowwww so intimidating uwu

Bewildered hypnotist minding their own business – oh… um, is it?

Master Baiter – I’m going numb what’s happening to meeee @_@ I’m so deep


#22 : The Obvious Catfish.

*shares blatantly fake woman picture*

– Hey guys this is Ashley. I’m a huge cock addict o___o. I want to try hypnosis so much, can you make me into a bimbo ? Oh, and my mic is broken.


#23 : My Master is the Best.

I want to flirt and play with you but you should ask Master about it. Maaaasteerrrrrr TEEHEE. We are in a very powerful D/s relationship and we met last Thursday uwu.


#24 : The Safety Zealot.

White Knight Server Staff – Don’t listen to this file oO. It’s a bambi file. After the first playthrough your identity will be erased and you will be addicted uncontrollably. Join our crusade against #CORE now. Yes, our staff can remove your unwanted triggers and give you safeties because only hypnosis can save you from hypnosis.

…I mean… unless they hypnotically remove our safeties. But we usually bury them under 10 layers of consciousness and usually people just don’t go that deep. Yes this is science hun of course! You are safe with us dear, this is the perfect safe space to develop your insecurities and your ignorance. Say no to subject autonomy, it’s scawy out there!


#25 : Dommy McDommy Pants.

– I’m the dommiest dom. So much dominance owo crazy.

*meets a brat in public*

– Can you pleeassseeee let me hypnotize you? :’(

2 weeks later :

– Ok maybe I’m a switch

2 months later :

– >\\\< yes mistress


#26 : The Snowflake.

In #main :

– I have NO LIMITS, anyone can play with me. I just want to meet a devil who will do whatever they want to me and make me their slave 24/7. Can I have the fuck me up role? And by the way what is CNC? Kthx.

Soon in admin chat :

Admin #1 – So, that new user, the one looking for a devil, wants to complain about a user, she’s claiming someone dropped her and she woke up naked on camera.

Rest of admin team – *Drop all the facepalm GIFs*


#27 : The Obsessive Compulsive Drag.

Hypnosis is both dangerous and terrifying, I can’t even entertain the idea without several hours of heavy consent based negotiations. Please ask to DM. I have more landmines than a vietnamese rice field and probably shouldn’t even be here. Luckily, I’m too uptight to drop anyway.

Unluckily for you, I will hang around forever complaining about the fact, and warning noobs about the dangers I have never in fact experienced. Safety first!


#28 : The brand new HypnoDomme.

HD – *says some random jumble of vaguely trancey shit with no structure, depth or direction*

HD – *shows tits*

Desperate subs – Woah! I’m your slave @_@

HD – lol this is way too easy! I must be shit hot at hypnotism. Call me Queen, nay, Goddess !

(It never occurs to her she is actually hypnotizing thirsty Master Baiters.)


#29 : The Smug Public Couple.

We are going to join a public vc and sit here only talking to each other. Oh Daddy, you’re so funny ilysm! My Daddy is gonna shoot down any sign of threat or horniness coming from the chat on sight. We’re so in love, we’re sure you all want to be in the middle of our dynamic, and we are going to keep interrupting the conversation with our PDAs while not even acknowledging anyone else. Nawww.


#30 : The Troll.

Hitler’sbitchboi – anime suxxx!

Regular users – well he has a point

Hitler’sbitchboi – Yeet! Lol wtf is this place I’m so high

Hitler’sbitchboi – *posts random video littered with “ironic” swastikas*






#31 : The EVIL Tist: Topping from the bottom of my insecurities.

Once you fall into my dastardly clutches, once I get my claws into your unconscious mind, there will be no escape! I can make you do whatever I want!

My greatest joy is making Subs proclaim in trance that I am their one true master in #main, because let’s face it, submission means nothing unless everybody can see it (and know that I finally got to talk to a real girl!)

Also, I will graphically sext you in public.  *rubs ur clit*


#32 : The Weeb.

uwu >< hi senpai can i have hugs? nya im just so cute and sickly sweet.  who needs sentences and grammar, punctuation is for making emojis with because the 4,000 dancing fucking hamsters I have on nitro just aren’t enough 🙈 uwu!

give me your cummy wummies and pls ignore the fact that i am a 39 year old cishet man living in grandmas basement >\\\< u won’t find this out til i post my hairy taint in #girlsgonewild owo teehee 💕

candi xoxo


#33 : The Creep.

– Oh hey, couple playing in chat, sorry to interrupt but you look like you’re having fun. I bet she’s really wet right now huh. Well, I guess I’ll leave you to have fun.

– I’ll just bid you adieu.

– Have fun guys.

– I’m out.

– Goodnight all.

– 👋

*instantly dm’s girl*

– So that looked fun, bet you’re horny now huh. I bet your panties are so wet huh?

*When she doesn’t answer*

– Can’t tear yourself away huh? Can’t blame you.

– He’s a lucky man.

– Hard to get your hand out of your panties to talk to me, I bet.

– But I’ll let you enjoy each other.

– Have fun.

– I’m out.

– See you later.

– unless you’re free now?

– lol ok

– 👋



Sub – hi guys

HD – shouldn’t you be in bed?

Sub – It’s not so late and I-

HD – Go to bed

Sub – But it’s 10pm and I don’t-

HD – shhh shh sh. Bedtime.

Sub – I don’t really wa-

HD – gotobedgotobedgotobed

Sub – But if you just listen

HD – *Shitty trigger* You’re going to go drink some water, hydrate yourself, and then you’re going to sleep for 8 hours. *snaps fingers*

*Sub disconnects *

HD – Smug American noises


#35 : The Littlest of all Littles.

*joins public VC*

*sounds like a japanese anime*

LaL – Oh hai guys eeheeeee squeak squeak squeak OMG im so little and subby

*everyone on VC frantically lowers user volume*

*RandomTist19 taking his deepest voice* – You can call me Daddy you know.

LaL – *Squeeeaaaaaak*


#36 : The Competitist.

Regards all other men/women as competition and sees subs as a goal they must conquer, and then guard jealously so they have as little fun as possible. Arbitrarily denies the collared sub trance because they are the gatekeeper. 🙄 Likes to make passive aggressive barbs at others in chat, and talk up their skills – which are usually not as great as their temper.

(See also: The Sore Loser.)


#37 : The Femme Fatale.

These ladies need to be the center of attention. After shyly saying they don’t want to spam, they will go on to share 50 naked photos of themselves from every conceivable angle. Puts on an overly sexy voice in voicechat which actively starts to get on mens nerves after a while. Completely ignores all other women and does cutesy yawns when anyone else talks.

Tries. Too. Damn. Hard.


#38 : The Great Depression.

Energy draining, morose, perma-victims who should not be seeking hypnosis. Often found haunting venting rooms in hypnoservers. They ask for advice which they won’t take, because they don’t want to change anything they just want to complain. They can clear a voicechat in under 30 seconds. Nobody enjoys being around them, if they’re honest, but if you ban them, people will think you’re a monster.

Which you probably are.


#39 : The Notorious Predator.

How old did you say you were? Mmm. Are your parents home right now?

*Occasionally pops up under a completely different username. Is banned again.*


#40 : The Spiralomancer.

Spends 12h a day making variations of every possible spiral. No one can be bothered to click his links anymore. Has a gif making site and nimja’s spirals in his favorites. His work ranges from seizure inducing strobes to a blurry pixelated soup and all the way up to a nauseated bad trip. His favourite words include SUCK DROP COCK and BIMBO

As with all the content craetors, he cannot spell.


#41 : The Old Timer.

Has been on the scene for 400 years. Did his first text trance by sending letters in the post. Has an autographed book by Milton Erikson. Pocket watch is his actual watch. Only does trance in iambic pentameter

Fall deep in trance, down under down you go.


#42 : The Tulpa.

6 years ago, they fell for a hypno curse that created a tulpa and it never wore off. As with all tulpas, they are attention seeking, annoying, whining and definitely not interesting. Show me the tulpa that is considerate, funny, curious and amicable.

Tulpas are strange and elusive figures which vanish and reappear conveniently just at the right moment. Considering that the tulpa takes up so much space within the host mind, it’s funny how often they can’t decide how to spell their own name. Is it Candy? Candi? Kandi? Depends on the day! Such fun.


#43 : The Headpatter.

Some people prefer communicating with their hands.

Sub – Hello

HP – *Gives Headpats*

Sub – Uuuh, have we met ?

HP – *Scritches your neck*

Sub – So, how are you doing ?

HP – *Rubs your belly*

Sub – Alright then.
Sub – *User disconnected*


#44 : Halley’s Comet.

Hey guys, guess who’s back. Yeah, I had to take a break from hypno for a few months. I’m glad to see that you’re all good. Anyhow, I’ll see you all tomorrow.

3 months later : Hey guys, guess who’s back. Yeah, I had to take a break from hypno for a few months. I’m glad to see that you’re all good. Anyhow, I’ll see you all tomorrow.


#45 : The Trigger Happy.

They love to share the amazingly powerful effect of their latest trigger. It’s just so intense. Can you believe that with just a single word they find themselves going moo, barking or spanking their own butt? It’s just so incredible, so amazing. Is there anything that erotic hypnosis can’t do?

All the tists : *Eyes rolling 720°*


#46 : The White Hedge Knight.

Some knights have a domain, a land to call their own, but not this one. They roam the realms, ready to save any damsel in distress. No evil can resist them, no challenge is too daunting, they will remove all suggestions, they will purify every mind, cleanse every soul. Now, if they come off as creepy when they ask all those personal questions is just a coincidence, nothing to worry about, it’s not like they would try to collar you after 2 trances now is it ?


#47 : The Chat Whore.

Sleep is for the weak, chat is life. There is not an hour of the day or night that they are not in chat. They will answer all your “Hello everyone”, all your “Good morning people”. There is no gif they haven’t seen, no conversation they haven’t followed, no meme that they haven’t reposted. After 5 months, they burn out and vanish to become a comet.


#48 : The Consent Preacher.

Have you heard the good news about our Lord and Savior : Consent ?

If you dare mention anything about it in #main, they will enter a frenzied state, mouth frothing, fingers typing faster than the wind, you will stand corrected. You will know the true gospel of Consent. You may think that “No means no”, but that is just the tip of the iceberg, my child. Let me save your soul from the evils of RACK and CNC.


#49 : The Cursed.

Long ago, before you were even born, they had a suggestion planted. No one was able to remove it, it has plagued their lives for so long now. Perhaps a white knight will be able to remove it after all this time. But is there even such hope ? Let’s ask in #main and find out. More often than not, the curse is just a more advanced way of baiting. See #21…


#50 : (The Fantasist).

Another trend that never really made it on discord, but it’s still an Omegle all-time favourite…

Anything you type in parentheses () will be a direct order to their subconscious! They won’t even notice it!

Well… unless you go for something that’s too kinky, then the spell might break.

Just like their microphone.


#51 : The Scripter.

*Chat is talking about something random, like fishing.*

– Ohhh, fishing, that gives me an idea for a script.

– Yeah, that’s such a good idea for a trance, the hook going through your cheek as you bite the bait and the line pulling you down.

– Let me write a script about it.

Rinse and repeat for any topic not related in any way with hypno.


#52 : The Occultist.

Hypnosis is more than just an altered state of consciousness. It’s a spell, old magic that changes your soul. Forgotten indian astrology says it all. How dare you not believe me!  I read it all in Goop Magazine-  If Gwyneth Paltrow says it it must be true. I heard she gets hypnotised whilst having her vag steamed.

I have all the crystals, all the amulets, know every horoscope, black/white magic and yet I need the internet to communicate with my sub/dom.


#53 : The Bimbo.

It’s definitely not RP, my IQ has, like, dropped so much. OMG I can barely operate my phone, which is liiiike, probably why my mic doesn’t work. I’m such an airhead *blows bubble gum*.

All the while typing perfectly and at the speed of light of course. Has a degree in theoretical physics IRL and speaks 3 languages.


#54 : Judge Dredd.

Were you just having fun? That is against the LAW.

I AM THE LAW. You will have no fun in #main, you should not drink/smoke/joke about that. I find you guilty and sentence you to a long monologue about the corrupting evils of the world. is probably American


#55 : The Mass DMer.

One DM to rule them all and in copy-paste to bind them.

You know that they are interested in you and you alone, it’s that special connection you have. All it took was for them to suspect you own a vagina and fate did the rest.

(They just forgot one small but crucial fact. Women talk! 😋)


#56 : The Lurker.

They have been in the server as long as you have. They know all your secrets, they’ve been silently following you for months. Sometimes you can see them go to type something in #main, but they never press send. Who are you, mystery stalker?

CuriousGuy is typing a message…


#57 : HypnoMaster/Sir/Dom/Top.

You know that these are the creative people. Common to the point of being invisible, tasteless, odorless, without thought, without imagination, they are Legion.

Their sub is usually :


#58 : HypnoKitten/Sub/Curious.

You know that these are the creative people. Common to the point of being invisible, tasteless, odorless, without thought, without imagination, they are Legion.

Also called Bunny, Crystal, Angel etc.


#59 : The Chinese Military Parade.

Red flag, what’s a red flag ? It can’t be the fact that you shared your dramatic childhood backstory right after joining. It’s normal to seek friendship by sharing the list of all the medication that you are taking right now. Everybody loves hearing about your mental health problems/bowel issues- said no-one ever.

And the Parade goes both ways, red flags are carried by the tist too.

●     Do you have any open triggers?

●     Is your sister/mom/daughter into hypnosis too?

●     *yells during trance*

●     Asks you to put your cam on as soon as they think you’re under

●     Tells you you can’t leave as soon as they think you’re under

●     You wake up with their fucking collar next to your username.


#60 : The Twins.

Can you hypnotize me and my twin sister? It’s the first time we try hypno and both our microphones are broken. What are the odds!


#61 : The Narrators.

They will tell everyone in #main all about their lives in excruciating details that nobody asked for. Doesn’t matter if it’s the content of their fridge or the exact route they take to work, you will know more about them than you can remember about your own life.

Sharing is caring, but what if I don’t care?


#62 : Po..or C..nect..ion.

I’m in my c..ar and I h..ve bad recep.. .. .. on.

Let’s haunt voice chat for the day. I’m sure that no one will be annoyed by having to repeat every single thing they say while listening to me roboting as if they were trying to understand an alien species for NASA.

It’s j..st th.. .. I’m .. .. tunn..l. Yo.. g..ys are gr.. .. ..t


#63 : The Oblivious Pet Owner.

Look at my cat! Aww they’re sho cute everybody LOOK AT THEM they’re so fluffy look at their toebeans and their fluff-twitchers. Naaawww! 😍

*cat proceeds to meow plaintively 50 times in the background while owner narrates their every move*

Also applies to loud screeching parrots. (I bet you’re the same people who get annoyed about crying babies in restaurants, you oblivious fucks)


#64 : The Transformator.

Did you ever wonder what being a teapot feels like? How slow could you be if you were a snail? The exquisite sensations that a cupboard experiences daily? Luckily, you just met the perfect tist for you. You will feel every part of you change into whatever random substantive their mind settled on.

You’re a good little teapot.


#65 : The Brattiest of all the Brats.

Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me. No, I’m not a good girl. No, I’m not cute! You suck. I will never submit, will never yield. I am both clever and intelligent, you can’t control me!

Wait, no, don’t ignore me…!



…..Please trance me 😢


#666 : The Devil/Succubus.

They don’t play a character, they don’t RP, they are a succubus/lovecraftian demon. There is no time for chill, there is no humor, there is only HIGH DRAMA, and the very serious reality that you are talking with someone that lives and breathes as a being from another dimension. If you ever poke fun at them, they will curse you in the weirdest font known to humanity.


#67 : The Hopeful Fetishist.

– I see you just posted a vaguely horse related pic. Mind if I slide in them DMs?

– Here, have 29 pics of ponygirls in harness.

– Feeling horsey yet? No?

– How about a trance?

– With no aim in particular, no ulterior motives….

– We could talk about, oh, how about… ponies?

– Perhaps saddles and mmmmf….reins?

– Ughhhh, definitely tail plugs.

– Mmm, did you just neigh?

– Trot for me you dirty mare.

– No, I’m not fapping, you’re fapping! 😳

– …hello!?!


#68 : The Furriest of all Furries.

Always awkward, always creepy. With a strange preoccupation for a random animal, the furry can usually be identified by its fursona pfp and extensive pokemon plushy collection.

Be it a ripped mantiger living inside a dragon’s testicle, a betentacled chicken, or a sexed up raccoon lady beckoning poor souls to her depraved lair of lust, they always have some new abomination to add to the hentai channel. The only common theme amongst it all is that they all have massive tits and dicks, and they really shouldn’t exist.


#69 : The one that is Banned from Every Server.

I’m a dragon ROAR.


 #70 : The Omegle.

– ASL ?

User has disconnected


#71 : The Keeper of the one True Way.

In their eyes, there is but one way to do hypnosis : their way. Anything else is wrong, disproven, dangerous and morally evil. If you dare defend your past experiences, you will be proven wrong. You must understand that it’s not possible that you were under with that sort of hypnosis, it’s not the one true way.

You were deluded, self hypnotized, in a meditative trance, whatever. The important part for you to remember is that you were wrong, because they are right.


#72 : The Switches.

They are subs.


#73 : The Switches that are Really Switching.

They are subs.


#74 : The Domly Tist.

They are switches. But give it time.


#75 : The “I can’t be Tranced”.

I can’t be tranced because:

●     I’m too analytical,

●     I’m too OCD (self diagnosed of course. That’s cleaning, right?),

●     My thoughts don’t stop,

●     I sabotage myself,

●     I’m too anxious,

●     I keep thinking of 1000 different things like puppies and aliens… and Christmas! lololol.

Whines about it in #main, over and over, in the hopes of meeting someone who can work a miracle on their overtired, overstimulated, sugared up, bored mind while they sit with half an eye on Skyrim at 4 fucking AM.

I hate to break it to you mate but… you’re too much fucking work. Give it up. It isn’t for you. Ain’t no-one got the time to sit and try 17 ways to make you listen when we aren’t getting paid.

(Ocassionally, they happen to just be Master Baiters.)

Yeah, I know. I said it. Some people likely can’t be tranced. Sometimes it’s not us, it’s you!


#76 : The Junkie.

Comes in jonesing for trance. Hands shaking, eyes shot red, it’s been too long, it’s been 2 days since their last trance. Every nerve is on edge, every muscle is tense, there is nothing that will stand in the way of their fix.

A thirst beyond thirst, they are craving the drop anywhere they can get it. After whining in #main for a while and dm’ing everyone they know, this is when the lure of dive bar hypnoservers now come into their own. Like a greasy burger van beside the road, you know it heralds nothing but disappointment, but still you come back. Fast, dirty, easy, yet distinctly unsatisfying.

You log out shamefully, hoping no-one you know saw you being a good girl in their voicechat.


#77 : The Men who only Acknowledge Girls.

*joins packed voicechat*

– Hey Alana. Hey Betty. Hi Lisa. Hey Candice. Hi Jenny.

Men sat around like chopped liver: …….

– Well, I’m off now. Bye girls.


#78 : The Hu-Cow.

Helpless and docile, she moos in#main. It probably wasn’t her idea and she is allergic to dairy. They used to be incredibly common, but as hypno-fashions come and go, a survey of the various pastures shows that the Hucow population is slowly fading after the great mooo peak of 2019.

Now, if you just mooed right there, I’m afraid it’s already too latte for you. Butter hope that those suggestions end up fading. Cheesus help you.

We’re gonna milk this joke for all it’s worth.


#79 : The Findomme.

It’s a beautiful day to give me money. Pay tribute, you worthless paypig. Here is my Amazon wishlist. It feels so good to spend your money on me.

Denies and humiliates, feels no remorse for it. Unfortunately, money can’t buy you a soul.


#80 : The Hand of Darkness.

Plots, intrigue, small gossip and dark secrets, all is music the ears of the Hand of Darkness. They maintain an open DM channel with four different admins. With silver tongued advice, determination and a true sense of realpolitik, they slowly influence the course of the server. They always appear friendly, savvy, understanding and supportive.

But there is a reason why they don’t have their own server : every time they steer the course of history, the Abyss gets closer. Every decision is poor and self-motivated, heavy in consequences and lacking in vision.


#81 : The “Romantic” Visitor.

They are single and ready to mingle. Distance and marital status seems no barrier, they are always on the lookout for “beautiful ladies” and will lavish worship on anyone who casually engages them in conversation, creeping ever closer and eventually clinging to them, much like a floating bandaid in a swimming pool.

Because every app is a dating app, if you’re creepy enough.


#82 : The Demanding Noobs.

New to the scene and full of hope, they descend upon #main with only one dream: to be instantly hypnotised. Unfortunately, they never consider that perhaps hypnotists are not just on the ready 24/7, willing to trance just about anybody. They will be turned down, though often encouraged to stick around and make friends.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

And poof, they vanish into the ether from where they came.


#83 : The Kaadict.

We all have an origin story, sometimes you find that many share the same. The Kaadict wants to experience that danger noodle coiling around them. They want to look in the eyes of the nope rope, to feel the touch of the cute snoot, the caress of the slippery tube dude. It’s their original sinful apple.

Many will outgrow that original fantasy and build other desires but some do cling on to the OG snake. Chasing hentai commissions and launching aggressive DM campaigns to find the tist that will wrap around their mind and squeeze just a little tighter.


#84 : The Famous Ones.

In every scene, some characters are known to all. Be it by chance or because of some occupation, everyone knows their name. When the illustrious individual enters, some are starstruck, some are tense, perhaps even intimidated. The brazen nobodies will engage the conversation and soon enough, the reality that people are people, even famous people, is revealed.


#85 : The Infamous Ones.

Some are known for having traumatised a voicechat with their feats of mental sadism. Others for introducing noobs to their first glimpse at scat porn, or for wearing a 3lb dildo as a unicorn horn on cam, or for giving THAT tentacle trance. Ahem. But no-one is one dimensional. Sometimes you might find yourself in a very pleasant chat when there’s a sudden gasp of “Wait… YOU’RE that infamous guy I heard about, aren’t you!”

Get to know them and you’ll see that they’re nothing to fear. You may even *shock* grow to like them!


#86 : The Refugees.

Their original server went down in flame, perhaps because of drama or just the circumstances of life, but now, the exodus has begun. Without a home and the heart heavy, they wander the other servers, looking for that sense of belonging.

Sometimes, they cross paths with some old, familiar face from a time long gone. And while it brings them joy to see someone they know, they also remember that they don’t really like that person. And so the wandering continues.

With time, they will settle again. They will bond with another band, others will join them from distant wrecks, the echoes of drama preceding them. Friendship will be made and the cycle will continue.

The hypnokink community is very, very incestuous.


#87 : The GIFtator.

It doesn’t matter what the topic of conversation is, what the mood of the room may be, they have the perfect GIF at the ready. Cute kittens✅, jiggly boobs✅, funny dances✅, rhinoceros driving cars✅, they have them all on speed dial. How do they do it?

They can entertain entire conversations with those GIFs, talk about any topic. From the mundane to the arcane, an animated picture is worth a few thousands words.


#88 : Can I speak to the Manager ?

Outraged by the poor state of affairs in the server, they want to speak to the manager RIGHT NOW ! Every minute detail has to be perfect, every room must be in the correct category, there shall be no redundancy in the role selection.

Of course, what better time to bring their grievances forward than just as the server is having a nice, fun, drunken gathering in voice chat ? They expect the server to be run as a professional organisation.

Bitch, no one is paying me for this.


#89 : The Dark Ones.

A little fearplay is fun when used as a spice. But these guys want the full meal. Into tears, cages, degradation, mental sadism, waterboarding, memory play and cnc… you sometimes start to wonder if it’s really hypnosis they’re into, or if they’re prepping for a kidnapping.

If you are lucky, you will get a warning about what torment they enjoy inflicting before engaging with them. If not, let’s hope you realise how deep that rabbit hole goes before you are too far in to escape.


#90 : The Greatest Showman/woman.

Perceives voicechat as their own personal audience. Claims shyness but will suddenly break into song. The full and entire 3.57 min version of the song, that is, in the middle of your evening’s conversation. I’m sure this won’t make anybody uncomfortable.

Hey, why’s everyone leaving? :’(


#91 : The Overly Creative Tist

They convinced themselves everything they ever did worked so well, they love to persuade people to do the most incredible totally RP level of unbelievable things. These are the tulpa creators, the alien robot manufacturer. Creating two of you and having them talk, having you scream in pain as your arms allegedly detach from your body… They never stutter, they never even consider that their subjects could be roleplaying, they just go for it.

They are entirely focused on their suggestions, not so much on the authenticity of the trance or the suggestibility of the subject. Content to be the movie directors of their hypnokink daydreams, you will be their enslaved performer. Let’s hope you enjoy being a pterodactyl/reincarnation of Rasputin/fluent japanese speaker, because until I say stop, that’s what you’re going to do. Action!


#92 : The Imposter Syndrome.

They are new to the craft but not to the scene, and they mean all the good in the world. Everyone has been there and it’s all the cute. More pre-talk than trance, more aftercare than you could possibly need. Their voice trembles a little bit the first time they tell you to drop. They bring you up from trance every 5 minutes to check if you are still alive. They hypnotize you gently, softly, while you are secretly praying in your head that they finally start to fuck you up real good.

Patience, my child. They’ll soon be using their powers for evil.


#93 : The Text Hypnotist.

The original dinosaur. The mammoth of erotic hypnosis. You will never see them, smell them nor hear them. They only exist as words on the dark or light background of your discord, and they get to be whoever they want to be. A lot of them will never break character, turning themselves into the subject of your wildest fantasies, with no chance of disappointing you.

That is, until someday they do venture into voicechat and you find out that they are 3 feet tall and sound like Mickey Mouse.


#94 : The Text-ONLY Subject.

Mates with #93’s. Also see #1 : The very suggestible role player.


#95 : The Stripper Maker.

Admit it, you’ve all met him at least once. No matter how long you passionately discussed BDSM with him before you finally caved for that first session… No matter the amount of priming, how good the induction was, how good his attitude was. He was there for one thing, and one thing only. To have you take your clothes off. Bewwwbs!


#96 : The Cum For Me tist.

He’s #95 younger brother. He could have you do anything with hypnosis. Yet somehow, he has only one plan. And it’s always the same :

He will suffer blisters on his fingertips, he will endure the tendinitis and you will cum, over and over.


#97 : The Server Slut.

There’s usually a male and female version of the server slut in every community. You will see them everywhere, whether you want to or not. You’ll find them hypnotized in the general chat, hypnotized in the voice chat, hypnotized and posting nudes 10 times a day, vibing with every Spiralomancer around and you rarely get to know them outside of their tranced selves.

They are the perfect practice target. They can take everything, orgasm 200 times in the span of one day, or be denied for 3 years : they will never complain about it, because they are just really, really horny.


#98 : The Hypno-Fantasy Writer.

They don’t chat, they don’t hypnotize people, they don’t flirt, they don’t play. They will only send you links to their latest mind control stories. Be it a nurse brainwashed at the new hospital she works in or an alien artefact falling on earth and having the whole woman population start to lactate uncontrollably, they have written it all.

They use words as big and complicated as the scenes they describe in 10,000 words. Unfortunately, too often, they lack the actual experience, the flair that a thousand trance will bring you. It seems that the fantasies are more aligned with 1980’s tv hypnosis than anything else.

But hey, if that’s your jam, I won’t kinkshame your A-Team – McGyver slash hypno fanfic. Do you.


#99 : The Occasional Tist with a Foreign Accent

“Zou want to drrrrop forrrrr meeeeeh. It izzzz verrry koood.”

This one is valid for all non-native english accents, ranging from outright repulsive to super sexy sounding. Some subjects even are rumored to have a very strong accent fetish and will only play with those! Sorry Muricans’.


#100 : The Server Owner.

The original demiurge, they created the place out of thin air. They love the server as their own child. Everyday, they try to make it a little better, a bit more fun. They will hammer down any kink in the works and endlessly invent rooms, events and activities for the thirsty horde.

Some did it to gather subs around them, others to create a community or maybe out of spite. And even if you find them mean or callous, remember that they mean good for you all. Well, unless you’re a dick.

They don’t always get it right, but they are trying.  (Sometimes very)


A word on this guide:

This started as a seed of an idea between two hypnoserver owners, who were reflecting on the types of people we met in the community, some of whom we seem to see time and time again though the names and scenarios would change. It was written as a group effort, thank you to everyone who contributed ideas.

Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

That said, if you do recognise echoes of yourself or others in these pages, remember it’s a joke not a personal attack, don’t take it too hard. Without you, our servers would be bland, colourless places with very little drama, and no wonderful stories to write guides like this about.

We love you all.

L, DE and M