Hi, I’m Sweet!

Some of you may know me as SweetTist on Tumblr. I discovered the erotic hypnosis kink Dec 20th, 2017. I found it fascinating and useful, as an online Domme, and decided to add hypnosis to my Top Toybag. I set about learning as much as I could, and that was my goal, my only thought. I went under quite a bit at first. I will rarely Top for anything I have not experienced myself. At first, going under was difficult, but as I practiced it became easier and easier. It took me about a month before I became comfortable enough to tize one of the switches who had been teaching me.

The first time, I was nervous as all hell. What if I did something wrong? What if I couldn’t drop him? What if? What if?
He calmed me down and told me :

“Do what I do for you.”

And I nodded plowed ahead. This is what I wanted. And it worked well! He went under and made some really nice sounds for me. I’m a audiophile, and one of the things that turns me on the most are subby boys moaning for me. He isn’t exactly a subby boy but he sounded quite subby at the time and I’m like I like this! But it was the power of it, nothing much had changed from my non-hypnotic Topping.

That slowly shifted as I tized more and more people until the night I was working with one of my switch partners. He was on video and said he wanted to find something in a file. He told me :

“I’m going to listen to this for a moment. Don’t worry, I won’t fall.”

I said okay, and did a couple of things while I waited. When I looked back at his video… Unexpected Trance Face. I could tell he was deep and it was insanely hot. And that is the moment I realized erotic hypnosis had become not just a Tool in my Toybag but a full on kink…


How my interest for Erotic Hypnosis turned into a full-on kink
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