Recently, I got introduced to the idea of “pervertables”, and as it turns out it’s a great example of the creativity and crazy thinking that goes into a lot of fun erotic hypnosis.

Pervertables? Wha-? Ok, this was defined as “ordinary objects that can be used in kink, with some creativity applied”, with the examples I saw when it was explained of say cable ties, package wrapping, and stuff like that.

Naturally, my mind saw that explanation and had a swift realisation of my own: Every-bloody-thing we use in hypnokink is an example of that!

I’ll stick to props and toys for the sake of things, but yes you could argue erotic hypnosis itself is a pervertable skill, essentially. But none-the-less, in terms of the props/toys we are in a kink built near entirely out of pervertables, and it’s fucking amazing! XD

Now maybe some of you are doubting me, but let’s just go through most of the cliches:

  • Pocket watches: Duh. We’re clearly not using them to tell the time.
    Maybe getting other people to focus on telling the time with them as a distraction, but yeah, nah.
  • Pendants: Crystals, glass, most pendants are obviously not made to be hypno props, they’re made to be part of jewelry, or for chandeleirs or something.
    We’ve just decided, for good reason, that they make fantastic focal points and are really pretty.
  • Metronomes: Again, we aren’t using them to keep time/pace/rhythm/whatever the right word it. Regular repeating motion just makes a good cliche focal point.
    (I know hypnokinky subjects who are musicians and refuse to trance to metronomes out of how much it might potentially fuck with their practicing. XD)
  • Spinning spirals: Used for optical illusions and such….Ok, you could maybe argue these are more associated with hypnosis than not, I’ll concede that.
  • Candles: This is obvious. 😛

I believe my point stands. Most things we pull out to zonk someone with tend to be things we’ve seen and gone “Oh. Shit. That’d make a fantastic focus now wouldn’t it.”, and then one kink-fuelled trip down imagination lane we end up at “I need to fucking buy this, it’s too fun an idea not to.”

For instance (I’ve got images/videos of these things in other posts), I have a juggling ball that lights up in different colours, and a dreamsphere, both of which I saw and went through that process. Neither are meant for hypnosis (ok, I’d probably be skeptical of the idea the guy who makes the dreamsphere hasn’t heard/considered hypnosis or similar at all) but both are amazingly good for it.

Rave gloves and other LED contraptions are also common, and absolutely count as pervertables too.

I could go on, but I’ll leave it there, the main point is the objects and stuff we use for hypnosis tend to emphasize a lot of the creativity that goes into this kink, and how people in it tend to just get crazy silly ideas, and then try them out and see how they work, often with a lot of success, and usually fun ensuing either way.

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Erotic Hypnosis and creativity in props and toys
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