Hypnosis is a very strange and mysterious thing. Yet if you are here today, it is probably because you fantasize about it to some extent. And after a few years of hypnotizing people and getting hypnotized, both in real life and online, I thought I would give you a bit of content to hopefully help you getting a better idea of what Erotic Hypnosis is, in the form of a Q&A.

Keep in mind, hypnosis causes a lot of divide, both in the scientific world and the kinky world. So what I am about to describe might not be everyone’s opinion, or 100% true. I am just sharing the knowledge I gathered through my readings and my own extensive experience of practicing it.

I am not certified, I am not a guru, I am not a scientist. With that out of the way, lets start !

“What is hypnosis ?”

This question, even if it maybe seems very basic to some, actually isn’t that easy to answer. Media and society in general depicted hypnosis pretty heavily, and in forms that are actually very far from the truth. People clucking like chickens, being programmed, being brainwashed, being mind controlled… Well, basically everything that caused us, people with a hypno fetishto grow a liking for it. Especially when you consider Erotic Hypnosis, where there’s a top and a bottom involved, the idea of one actually controlling the other is especially hot to say the least…

But to understand what hypnosis is, you have to take everything you think you know out of the way, to accept a definition that is way less precise :

“A state of Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness.”

It’s already much less defined right ? But it’s actually, to my knowledge, the best way to describe what hypnosis actually is. It’s a state where one is allegedly more focused, more relaxed, and able to access resources that are harder to access when in a normal, conscious state. Is it similar to meditation ? Maybe, I’d say so. Is it similar to reading a book and getting really absorbed by it ? I’d say most definitely, but some would disagree. Is it mind control ? No. Rewind. Re-read.

So basically, if I was to summarize, I would say hypnosis is a state where you focus inward. And you can definitely achieve that on your own (less hot), or with the help of a hypnotist / guide (much hotter right ?).

Do you need to know more ? Maybe… But I’d say it’s a pretty good start. So with that out of the way, let’s proceed.

“What does it do ?”

This is where it gets even more complicated, because the answer would be personal to everyone who experiences it. Side effects include : tingly feelings, sleepiness, relaxation, memory alteration, time distortion, sensory hallucination, pleasure, eye rolling, numbness, heaviness… And anything else that anyone ever experienced while trancing.

But here is the catch, and it is a big one :

“Can I experience all this goodness if I get hypnotized myself ?”

It highly varies. Remember when I told you BDSM hypnosis ISN’T mind control ? That is where the catch is. If someone hypnotizes you and tells you “now you are gonna feel like a statue and you will be completely unable to move”. Some people will feel it, but will still know they can move if they really want to. Some people will play along with it because it’s hot. Some people will just experience nothing at all…

And there are very different factors at play here so let’s pause and look at some of these :

  • How good and experienced you are at trancing
  • How much you trust the person trancing you
  • How able to let go you are
  • How much you want what the hypnotist tells you to happen
  • How easily influenced (and gullible) you are
  • How your brain works
  • ……..

And the list is as infinite as people are different. That is where I want to break a very big and common misconception that I have stumbled upon quite a lot in the Erotic Hypnosis Community, and for that purpose, we are gonna pretend you are now asking the next question :

“Is Hypnosis magic ?”

Definitely not. The most beautiful thing about your brain is that it’s yours. And not someone else’s. And a hypnotist, as skillful as they might be, as experienced and knowledgeable as they might be, cannot have you do anything you really don’t want to do. We will get back to that to temper this a little bit but keep that in mind for now.

Everyone works differently. If I tell you to think about a black dog, maybe you are picturing a black dog in your mind right now, but what kind of dog is it ? Labrador ? Bulldog ? And if I was to ask another person next to you, do you really think they would think about the same dog ? That’s rhetorical : of course not.

Do you really think someone can have you do whatever they want just because they used words organized in a certain way that suddenly cracks your mind open ? If so, please don’t join Spiraling Down Erotic Hypnosis Community…

If such thing was true, let me tell you, we would all be wearing the same t-shirts, eating the same food, and there would be no need for elections. While people can influence you to alter what you think, nobody can truly decide for you. Nobody else but you ultimately controls your body, or the decisions you make. Hypnosis is a form of influence. Not control.

“Should I be afraid ?”

Yes and no. Let me describe something for you, so that you can fully understand what the dangers of Erotic Hypnosis, BDSM and Life are at the same time (because yes, the dangers are the same).

Let’s pretend you don’t know me (shouldn’t be too hard) and I come to you with a French croissant, and a danish. And I tell you :

“Which one would you want ?”

==> You would probably make the choice that satisfies you the most.


Let’s erase that scene, and start it over, except this time I tell you :

“Which one would you want ? Could you please pick the danish because I’d really like that croissant !”

==> Here the choice becomes more complicated.


Let’s erase again. This time it’s your boss coming with the goodies.

“Which one would you want ? Could you please pick the danish because I’d really like that croissant !”

==> How likely are you to make the choice that makes your boss more satisfied ?

“Wow, stop there, I asked you if it was safe ! Answer the damn question !”

Erotic Hypnosis, to an extent, has you facing the same sorts of dilemmas. And how you react to these dilemmas heavily relies on your personality. Do you have problems saying no when you like someone ? If so, going into Dominant / submissive erotic hypnosis play can potentially get you in situations where it feels really difficult to say no. Whether it is because you don’t want to hurt the person, or because you are afraid that someone you really are into might not like you so much anymore if you say no… and a thousand other reasons.

But this, and it is very important to stress this out in my opinion, is not related to Erotic Hypnosis. This is why I used the croissant and danish metaphor. Erotic Hypnosis is a tool that can enhance sensations, that can enhance things you want to do, and make it even harder to think straight and figure out what it is you really want to do deep down. But social pressure, context, personalities are the real reason for unsafe behaviour, all the time.

“How can I be safe then ?”

Well first of all, understand that hypnosis is not dangerous on its own. As long as you don’t ask people to try and fix problems that require professional attention, there’s no real risk *looks behind him and sees a crowd of erotic hypnosis kinksters chasing him with forks and torches*. But you have to understand that sometimes the line between what you really want to do, what you kinda want to do, what you don’t really want to do but you know, could be convinced, and what you absolutely don’t want to do can blur.

So it’s more about your own personal confidence. But if you go around, playing with a bunch of people, believing that anyone can have their way with you if they are very skilled at erotic hypnosis, let me tell you, you are probably not safe at all. And if you are a hypnotist, and you think you have complete control over the people you hypnotize, please reconsider, or you probably are going to take very wrong decisions about what you can do.

It’s also about who you trust to play with you, and how often you reassess what is okay and not okay for you to do. Hypno effects (and hypno kinky effects) usually increase with trust, rapport, and time. So the more you put yourself in a situation of trust and rapport with someone, usually the more influenced by that person you are. If it’s your first time playing with somebody, or playing in general, I would say you are 99.9% safe, except if you are crazily naturally gifted with trancing (didn’t see that often, not to say never), maybe…

“People told me about Safeties, does this actually helps ?”

There are two sorts of safeties. Inherent safeties and suggested safeties. Or at least that is how I see it and how I am going to explain it to you anyway.

Inherent safeties : they basically arise from your knowledge and your personal confidence that no matter what people do, you are able to say no at any time and reject what is offered or “commanded” to you.

THUMBS UP, MUCHO BUENO. This is basically the point of my article today : giving you knowledge so that you know everything is cool ultimately, and nothing prevents you to just wake up from a trance at any point and call your hypnotist a douchebag, and stop there or give them another chance of experimenting !

Suggested safeties : Someone puts you in a hypnotic trance and gives you suggestion such as :
“And you know that whenever someone tries to do something bad with you, you will find it very easy to think about a red button to stop everything”, or “Nobody will be able to trance you except me because I’m the jealous type” (I’ve seen that crap, crazy laughter ensues everytime).

THUMBS DOWN. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT THERE. If you believe that someone hypnotizing you to be safe will make you safe, you automatically believe that someone else hypnotizing you to make you unsafe again could work. Doing this has no basis on keeping the subjects safer, it gives people the wrong idea, it makes some people dramatic AF, please give it up now. It is actually more unsafe than anything else in my opinion !

So with all this out of the way, down to the last question (finally) :

“Should I get hypnotized ?”

Of course. Are you gonna spend all your life fantasizing about it without trying it ? That would be a shame ! Just don’t have crazy expectations, don’t be scared, don’t be dramatic, know what you want, and you’ll have the time of your life. Joining a Erotic Hypnosis Community like.. let’s say…. Spiraling Down.. Maybe ??? ==> A good place to start.

Talk to you soon 😉