My Hypno fetish did not start out with the label “hypnosis” at the beginning. It was really a construction of all sorts of things I enjoyed melded together. “Hypnosis” seems to be the best fit if I were to place a word on it. I remember myself as a 12 year old girl fascinated with scenes in movies were people just seemed to lose consciousness. At the time, I did not realize that this was more than a fascination. The process of people losing their control in such a deep way, from their conscious mind, never stopped bewildering me : I have a hypno fetish.

The moment where I found this out to truly be a fetish was when I was 16. Every day after school I would secretly come home early and replay a movie scene of this teenage boy losing consciousness at the end of a battle. I would be so fixated, replaying this scene over and over again. Sometimes my parents would come home and say :

“Wow, you really like this movie, huh?”

They never even realized that the same scene was always on. After a little over a month of doing this I really sat there and asked myself: “Why am I watching this scene over and over again”. I thought that I just had a crush on the character. This was deeper than that. I rushed to my computer and googled different searches until I came up with “passing out fetish”. It still did not seem right, but there was at least some sort of explanation as to why I kept watching this scene.

I never played that movie again after that day. I felt weird, like this was something I need to keep to myself. By this point, I also realized all those hypnosis videos I would watch on YouTube was not just a curiosity of the conscious mind. I was also really turned on by these sorts of things, and the good euphoric feelings I was getting from viewing this media was also arousal.

From my teenage years I would continuously watch erotic hypnosis videos almost every day on YouTube. Rushing home after school, finishing my homework early, and then zonking out. It was fun, and even though I was by myself these files made me feel connected to people. Especially those in the comments that would have similar experiences to me with the files. I ended up digging deeper on YouTube and I found all sorts of communities. Now here I am today. Constantly meeting new people from all over the world that share the same love for hypnosis that I have. I had relationships with all different kinds of people. Some were bad, some were good. I learned a lot about myself. Such as my polyamory, new kinks, things I liked and did not like.

My fetish for erotic hypnosis became so much more than just a hypno fetish. It opened so many opportunities for me. I travelled, met amazing new friends, and found mon chéri, Laurent. I could not be any happier.

Who would have thought a delving into an erotic hypnosis fetish could lead into such an interesting life?