Before joining spiralling down, I was interested in the erotic hypnosis world, but didn’t have much experience. My main experiences were from files and from a couple of hypnotists. Some experiences were good and others less so, but none of them compare to experiences I have since gained through this wonderful server. Of course I had previously enjoyed the basic idea of hypnosis and the small things I had experienced. Being hypnotized instantly became a kink, a hypno kink for me, but until finding this community, I had no idea just how fun it could be and how big of a kink it really was. Now my trances are becoming deeper, triggers becoming stronger and longer lasting, rather than fading over a short amount of time. It feels incredibly liberating to have found such a large community of like minded people and to have found such a supportive and welcoming environment to grow in.

Fun experiences from before I joined have since been improved upon and have become far more pleasurable, both in a sexual way and much more generally, with me feeling safer and more willing. Now the urge to feel fuzzy and trancy is sticking with me like an itch that just needs to be scratched, a loud craving that demands to be heard.

However, I’ve discovered that a full trance is not necessary to quieten the craving, a simple and quick brain poke leaves me feeling happy and satisfied, with a gentle breeze of fogginess that quickly clears to continue the day. I’ve noticed that I especially enjoy these quick brain pokes of erotic hypnosis at random times, with a slight risk of someone being around or noticing, like when a friend leaves the room for a moment, or on a call to someone. The thrill excites me while the trigger fogs my mind, creating a swirling mix of feelings that contrast and enhance each other. It’s hard to describe what these brain pokes actually feel like, because useless you’ve felt something similar yourself it can be difficult to conceptualize. The best way I can think to relay these feelings is to imagine your mind as a liquid, usually calm and undisturbed, met with a sudden rush of energy as a gentle finger dances through, stirring and swirling your mind, confusing your thoughts as it moves them, jumbling and tangling them, leaving them dizzy as they try to collect and calm themselves to the way they were before. All of this happening within a matter of seconds. Erotic Hypnosis is an amazing experience that I never considered before, and now love and yearn for.

I’ve found I have a great love for fractionation, something I had never heard of before, with each drop feeling deeper and when rising again feeling that faint trance blending over and lingering. I’ve also started to have trances where upon awakening I’ve needed a moment to gather my surroundings, to realise where I am and what just happened before having it all come back to me.

More importantly, while having fun, making friends and gaining new experiences, I have learned new things about myself as well as growing more confident, something I aim to continuously work on. I feel as though I’ve accepted and nurtured a part of me that I didn’t much acknowledge beforehand.

“I’ve shared this with close friends and have suffered no judgement, and feel opened up to a whole new world of opportunities and experiences.”